GrandpaNate at 52

  • Introduction

    I was born on a Wyoming Homestead on 2/21/34. Lived 90 mile from town until I was nine, and cowboy proud. My folks then moved to Miles City, Montana, where my schooling ended when I dropped out of the tenth grade. I cowboyed summers while in school, but better wages soon lured me into construction, then the oil field, where I found my niche. During the next 20 years I helped drill over 100 wells in Wyoming and about 30 in the adjoining states. I spent many a shift out in the boondocks, studying the formations we were drilling through. And become convinced of one thing: The Earth History being taught in our schools is a bunch of malarkey. So, upon retiring I finished a book (already started) about Earth History.


    In 1981 the oil field collapsed, not a rig was running in Wyoming. So, I went to work at the Wyoming State Penitentiary as a Steam Boiler Technician. A couple years later I was promoted to Boiler House Manager, and retired from that position in 1999. PS: In September, 2008 I bought a house in Buckeye, Arizona, 85326, to escape those cold Wyoming winters.

  • Interests

    My family, Science, Space, Earth History, Our Country, Politics, Hunting, Fishing, Hunting Hounds and Writing.

  • Favorite Movies

    Shane, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Hombre, The Verdict, Rocky, She wore a yellow Ribbon, Lonesome Dove, and a hundred more, I like movies.

  • Favorite Music

    Western, Rock, and the Blues.

  • Favorite Books

    Call of the Wild, Star Wars, Tarzan, Old Yellow, I read non-fiction, Sci-Fi, mysteries, and westerns.

  • Q: You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

    A: Likely lots of money. I'd sell it. Plastic is out of my field of expertise, and interest. And I can't tolerate hot plastic. One whiff = asthma attack.

"To my Grandies"
- Grandpa Nate